Armor in the World of Nausicaä has many of the characteristics of medieval armor. Instead of construction by steel, armor is often made from ceramics, yet as hard and durable as metal.

Torumekian armor is plate and scale mail [1], as is the armor used by the people of the Periphery [2], which, limits them to most often scale mail, while Dorok armor is patterned.

Armor by Region Edit

Periphery Edit

Nausicaä wears scale mail, assembled by the Wise Women of the Castle. They claim to enchant each piece of it against "arrow and shell" and forbid her to take it off until she is home from the war [3]. She wears it under her flight uniform. She abandons it after rescuing Asbel in the Sea of Corruption.

King Jihl's armor is scale mail [4].

Torumekia Edit

The Imperial Guard of the Vai Emperor wear plate armor [5], with a full helm that appears to be some variation of an armet, a full cowl around the neck attached to the segmented cuirass, and pronounced bevor to protect the neck in front. The arms are covered with pauldrons at the shoulder, rerebraces on the upper arms, couters and vambraces on the elbows and forearms and gauntlets on the hands. The abdomen has a an armored skirt. The legs have cuisses, poleyn and greaves at the thigh, knee and shin, with boots.

Kushana wore a variation of the Imperial Guard. While the helmet was still an armet, it had a different, more ornate pattern. it retained the full cowl around the neck and the pronounced bevor to protect the neck in front. Additionally, there was no change to the armoured arms and legs. However, the segmented cuirass was replaced by a long scale mail shirt that extended to the knees [6].


Dorok armor [7] is very similar to medieval Asian armor.

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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