Asbel's Attack was an event in which Asbel of Pejitei attacked Torumekian and Periphery ships. It occurred after the sacking of Pejitei.

Description Edit

Asbel stalked the Torumekian forces of the Periphery Campaign until he found an opportunity to attack. He flew out of the sun [1] and shot a Bumblecrow at the side of body of the left wing and fuselage [2] then pulls up around the Valley Gunship for a second run [3].

The damaged Bumblecrow exploded, dropping bodies into the air [4] and causing the Valley Gunship to plow through the falling bodies. Nausicaä was afraid if she evaded the tow cable would break [5]. The Valley Gunship evaded the broken up Bumblecrow and then the tow cable broke [6].

Two gunships and their barges go down [7] as a result, although it isn't mentioned if the Valley Gunship is one of them. The Valley Barge men, realizing their predicament, tell Nausicaä that they'll blow themselves up since landing in the Sea of Corruption is a death sentence. Nausicaä cuts the engine on the Valley Gunship to talk to the Valley Barge without her Shohki Mask [8]. She calms the barge men and gets them to start dumping cargo [9].

The three remaining Bumblecrows and the Armored Corvette fire on Asbel [10] but he manages to hit a second Bumblecrow (Transport Two) and its rudder gets jammed then goes down [11]. Kurotowa grabs the pilot chair on the Armored Corvette and goes full throttle after Asbel [12]. Using the smoke from the second damaged Bumblecrow, Kurotowa sneaks up on Asbel [13]. Asbel is hit but maneuvers behind the Armored Corvette and opens fire [14].

Bumblecrow Transport Two disintegrates above the Valley Gunship, spilling bodies around them [15]. Asbel shoots up the Armored Corvette, killing Kushana's guard as they use their bodies to protect her [16]. Nausicaä uses psychic powers to telepathically yell at Asbel to stop [17]. Asbel, distracted by Nausicaä, is shot down by the Armored Corvette [18].

Result Edit

Despite the losses, Kushana orders the campaign still on and promises to bury the dead at their future encampment [19].

Nausicaä leads the barge down into the Sea and lands on water [20]. The pool proves to be an Ohmu nest [21]. Nausicaä psychicly talks to the Ohmu and is encircled by their tentacles [22].

The Ohmu leave them alone but Nausicaä is white as a ghost and cold from the experience [23]. The Ohmu warned Nausicaä so she gets Mehve to fly off to find Asbel [24] as the forest insects rile up the Ohmu. Teto escapes it's Shohki cage and goes with Nausicaä [25] to find Asbel.

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