The Battle of the Acid Lakes [1] occurred during the Periphery Campaign and was a decisive victory for the Dorok military and an ignoble defeat of Kushana's Torumekian forces as well as the Periphery Forces. It effectively ended the Periphery Campaign.

The Three Princes betrayed Kushana to the Doroks [2], letting them know Kushana's route, and they sprung a trap at the Acid Lakes.

Dorok Suicide Troops , members of the Dorok Bida Tribe [3], killed all the Torumekian Worm Handlers [4] then attacked the main encampment [5].

Nausicaä and Mito in the Valley Gunship spotted a Dorok Flying Jar carrying a mortally wounded Ohmu larvae [6] used to entice the Ohmu to stampede towards the Lakes.

Nausicaä quickly mounts Mehve and goes leaves to pursue Dorok Flying Jar , sending the Valley Gunship to warn the encampment [7].

At first Kushana thought the attack was mainly to destroy their airships [8] and counter-attacks with a cavalry charge [9]. Kushana spots an Ohmu-shell pillbox and sees the Dorok Suicide Troops go inside [10].

Nausicaä manages to down the Dorok Flying Jar and the wounded Ohmu on a small island in one of the Acid Lakes. [11] Unfortunately, the Ohmu do not stop their rampage.

When  the Valley Gunship returns and tells the encampment that the stampeding Ohmu are approaching [12], the camp is thrown into chaos as the various airships attempt to escape.

Amid the panic, Kurotowa is forced to shoot men desperate to escape by boarding the Torumekian Armored Corvette [13]. Kurotowa shoots Kushana's Horseclaw and grabs her as she tumbles off [14] as the Corvett makes it airborne.

Multiple Periphery Forces airships make it up but the two remaining Bumblecrows and the rest of the encampment are overwhelmed by the Ohmu [15].


Left behind was the bulk of Kushana's forces, including her cavalry, to be trampled to death by the Ohmu. In grief and anger, Kushana cuts off her braid as a pledge of honor to avenge her troops' death [16].

The Dorok Ohmu-shell pillbox was completely destroyed [17].

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