Charuka [1] is a priest and the commander of the Dorok besieging Sapata. He is fiercly loyal to the Dorok people and Miralupa. Since Miralupa fears Nausicaä, he is at first unsure on how to deal with Nausicaä, but later realizes she is a good person. Eventually he realizes what harm the Dorok emperor is doing to his people.

Biography Edit

During the Battle of Sapata, Charuka spots Nausicaä as she arrives with Kushana in the Torumekian Armored Corvette [2]. He recognizes her as the Blue Clad One foretold in the Dorok Prophesy.

During Nausicaä's Ride, he rallies the Doroks to destroy Kushana's cavalry and personally leads them to capture Nausicaä. He is confused however, when they briefly capture her and she seems gentle and kind [3]. He is demoted after failing to stop the destruction of the Dorok Siege Guns and allowing Nausicaä to escape.

After the battle Miralupa orders the miasma to be used as a weapon against the Torumekians. Charuka is appaled at this and fears the destruction. He tries to convince Miralupa. During the release of the miasma, his ship is consumed by the fungus and he is rescued by Nausicaä and Chikuku. Charuka also returns Nausicaä's earrings.

References Edit

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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