Currency varies by state in the World of Nausicaä:

Periphery Edit

Rumii [1] are coins accepted in the Periphery. Five Rumii is the price for a meal for Master Yupa in his stay in the Mining Town. He pays with a Tiara River stone, well beyond the asking price.

Dorok Edit

Dorok Imperiums [2] are pentagon-shaped gold coins that has better quality gold than Torumekian gold coins. They appear to be the size of a U.S. quarter and about three times as thick.

Grein [3] are presumably Dorok coins but worth is unknown relative to the Imperiums. However, the Worm Handlers negotiated 180 Grein to kill Master Yupa [4].

Torumekia Edit

A foolish Torumekian nobleman bets a "thousand Grein if I get him with my first shot" about shooting a Hebikera (prior to his death by Hebikera)[5], thereby making the Grein possibly a currency used in both Dorok and Torumekia. Although it is possible that a Grein is a measure of weight (for gold) or the thousand Grein he was betting was captured during the Dorok invasion.

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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