The Dorok Campaign was a military campaign executed by the Kingdom of Torumekia.

Torumekia had declared war on the Dorok Principalities the day after the Oldest Tree in the Valley was destroyed [1]. The Campaign consisted of two fronts, the Main Campaign and the Periphery Campaign. The Three Princes were given command of the Main Campaign while Kushana had been delegated the Periphery Campaign [2].

Main Campaign Edit

The Main Campaign [3], or Main Front, was the primary front of the Dorok Campaign of the Kingdom of Torumekia against the Dorok Principalities.

Employing Torumekian Landing Craft, the Three Princes, sons of the Vai Emperor and older brothers to Kushana, invaded Dorok, striking at multiple Dorokian strongholds [4].

The Torumekian invasion had initial successes: Within days, the front was 50 leagues long, eleven Dorok Multi-Turreted City Fortresses had been taken, seven of the Dorok Principalities had surrendered and 10,000 slaves were taken [5].

The Main Army Group is under the eldest of the Three Princes [6].

Periphery Campaign Edit

Main article: The Periphery Campaign

The Periphery Campaign was the secondary front, also called the sidelines, during the Dorok Campaign of the Kingdom of Torumekia against the Dorok Principalities.

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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