The Dorok Orphans [1] are a pair of orphans found by Nausicaä, the only survivors of the Nameless Dorok Village. They were found in the Dorok Village Temple where all the other villagers were dead. An old woman recognized the children as from the Sapata tribe [2].

The Orphans travel with Nausicaä in the Torumekian Armored Corvette and survive the crash at Sapata. While Nausicaä is unconscious, the Orphans are given to a Dorok woman, along with a bag of wheat [3], since they can no longer travel with Kushana's soldiers.

The woman takes them when the Dorok prisoners are released from Sapata [4] but other prisoners drag her and the babies in front of Charuka for judgement [5] because she is of the Saju tribe, rivals of the Sapata.

Charuka knew that Nausicaä had given the woman something for the children and he asked for it [6]. She showed him a pair of Tiara River stone earrings that Nausicaä had given her. Charuka pays the woman for the earrings and she departs with the children [7].

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