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The Dorok Principalities [1] are an empire on the south side of the Sea of Corruption. Their culture is very different from that of Torumekia and the Periphery. They speak Dorok, a language intelligible from Eftal.

The Dorok Principalities consist of 51 tribes, split into 20 small principalities and 7 larger principalities[2].

The Holy Emperor ostensibly rules the Dorok Principalities with the Council of Monks. The real power behind the throne is the First Holy Emperor's younger son, Miralupa.

Its capital is Shuwa, where the ancient crypt is said to be located.


Its culture and inhabitants are very different from those of Torumekia, which their system of government is more theocratic than feudalistic like Torumekia and the Periphery.

The Dorok people are organized into tribes, of which there are 51. Each Dorok tribe is ruled by a priest [3]. Only a few tribes are named in the manga, and some tribes share their names with their respective city. Although all are under an autocratic rule by Holy Emperor and the Priests, many of the tribes often have different cultures to the point of animosity between two tribes are not uncommon (such as the animosity between Sapata and Saju).


Dorok's main religion involved reverence Holy Emperor, which created the empire's theocratic foundations after his take over from the previous nobility. Dorok suffer from Sea of Corruption, warfare, and repression of their own rulers; as a result, the religion often provided a nihilistic narrative with a joyous afterlife for the pious worshippers. Despite the heavily indoctrinated nature of their religion, many Dorok citizens held on their old beliefs that were either secretly practiced or diffused with Dorok religion even under the threat of Dorok's inquisiton.


  • Sapata
  • Totome
  • Ke
  • Etari
  • Kedo
  • Dama
  • Tsurtsuttori
  • Kashikarudo
  • Chichikari
  • Saju



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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions