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Forest People [1] (森の人, mori no hito), also called People of the Forest, are a people who chose to abandon the use of fire and live in the Sea of Corruption. Worm Handlers hold them in high esteem and call them "honored ones".

The Forest People intervened when a squad of Dorok-backed Worm Handers encounter the unconscious bodies of Yupa, Asbel and Ketcha [2]. The Forest People rescued Yupa, Asbel and Ketcha, preserving them from the Sea of Corruption [3].


The Forest People are descended from survivors from the Kingdom of Eftal who followed a previous "Blue-Clad One" into the Sea of Corruption after the Daikaisho that destroyed Eftal 300 years ago [4]. They follow the teachings of the Blue-Clad One.

Yupa muses whether the Blue-Clad One of the Forest People and the Doroks is "a hope passed down by the aboriginal Dorok religions, based on a historical person...or are they real people, created by the very lifeforce of our species, reaching across space and time in our moment of need" [5].


The Forest People use different "technology" than other peoples.

  1. tents made of foam from insect fluids,
  2. water turbines to filter
  3. suits and boats from insect membranes and eating insect eggs for sustenance[6].


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