Hebikera [1] are huge, multi-winged flying insects, found in the Sea of Corruption. They act as protectors of forest life. 

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Hebikera is a long, flat insect with four pairs of wings distributed over the body. It seems to fly in an undulating fashion[2], sort of like an eel swims underwater.

It is a large insect, nearly as long as a Bumblecrow, and a swarm of them is strong enough to take down large aircraft, like a Bumblecrow[3].

It has a large pair of mantibles and a large flat mouth. It's head is armored like a crab and it has four eyes[4].

Kurotowa calls it a "dragon insect" [5].

The name suggests "Snake (Hebi) Cricket (Kera)".

Abilities and Behaviors[edit | edit source]

Hebikera fly faster than a Bumblecrow [6].

Flights of Hebikera have scouts out in front of them to find danger [7].

In the Story[edit | edit source]

The Forest People show Yupa a vast field of Hebikera egg beds [8] as they travel through the Sea of Corruption. Yupa had never seen its like before. The eggs are large and grouped in multiples.

After leaving the Forest People and joining up with the crew of the Valley Gunship, Yupa and Ketcha watch a flight of Hebikera fly south during the night[9], possibly in conjuncture with the looming Daikaisho.

That same flight of Hebikera encounter Kushana and her Corvette, which witness a lone Bumblecrow shoot one of the insects, causing the group of them to attack and destroy the Bumblecrow[10]. Kushana's Corvette barely escapes the enraged insects themselves by flying into another group of insects, breaking up the Hebikera attack.

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