Kai and Kui [1] are horseclaws owned by Yupa. They are a mated pair of horseclaws. Both are fond of Nausicaa.

Over the course of the manga, Kai and Kui aid both Yupa and Nausicaä in their adventures.

Master Yupa Miralda gives Kai to Nausicaä on the eave before the Valley of the Wind forces leave to join Kushana's Periphery Campaign, saying that "he'll stand her in good stead on the battlefield [2]."

When Nausicaä continues into Dorok with Kushana following the defeat at the Acid Lakes, Kai goes with her on the Armored Corvette.

Death of Kai[edit | edit source]


He carries Nausicaä during Nausicaä's Ride at the siege of Sapata and is mortally shot. He manages to carry her back to Sapata but dies of his wounds. Kushana's cavalry honor him as a "gallant warhorse" and he is buried with honor [3].

Kui and the Egg[edit | edit source]

Mito and the Valley men arrive at the Mining Town where they find Kui and her recently laid egg [4]. They mention that female Horseclaws lay eggs when their mate dies and wonder if Kai has died and about Nausicaä's fate.

Mito tells Yupa know about Kui's egg[5] when the Valley Gunship is shot down by a Dorok Air Monitor near where Yupa, Asbel and Ketcha leave the Sea of Corruption after staying with the Forest People.

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