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Ketcha [1] is an acolyte of the Holy One and a member of the Mani Tribe. She befriended Nausicaä when she was captured by the Dorok [2].


Ketcha is a member of the Mani Tribe. She became an acolyte to the Holy one and travelled with her when they captured Asbel and Nausicaä. After Nausicaä escaped, she accompanied the Holy One in looking for Nausicaä after her great shout to the Ohmu [3]. She was present during the Battle of the Acid Lakes [4] and saw the destruction of the Mani Tribe warriors. The Holy One and Ketcha survived, however, and later ended up in a Wormhandler village, which Yupa was also investigating.

She joins Yupa and Asbel in stealing the Worm Handler Brig [5]. When Miralupa appears in the enclave, they are forced to leave the Holy One behind. Ketcha is is overcome with grief, initially blaming Asbel and Yupa for the Holy One's sacrifice [6].

After the Worm Handler Brig is shot down [7], Ketcha, Yupa and Asbel are rescued by the Forest People [8]. They stay with the Forest People and travel through the Sea of Corruption [9], seeing the ruins of the capital city of the Kingdom of Eftal. Ketcha becomes friends with Ceraine and her brother Selm. The Forest People loan them boats [10] and they escape the Sea of Corruption, in time to encounter Mito and the Valley Gunship.

Mito and the Valley warriors thank Ketcha for her friendship with Nausicaä [11].


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