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Kurotowa [1] is Princess Kushana's staff officer. He was sent by Kushana's father, the Vai Emperor, to serve as her military attaché [2] but in reality to spy on her and to steal the God Warrior's control stone.


Kurotowa studied at a Torumekian Military Academy and graduated to become a succesful military officer. He served on a corvette for 10 years, starting at 16 [3]. The Vai Emperor eventually chose him to serve as a staff officer to Kushana, while remaining loyal to the Emperor. Kurotowa is supposed to ensure that the Emperor gets the control stone to the recently found God Warrior and that Kushana dies in battle.

Kushana immediately tries to have him assassinated in the The Pit of Pejitei, but he survives [4]. Kurotowa keeps trying to manipulate Kushana, but realizes that he underestimates Kushana. Kurotowa's admiration for the Princess grows throughout this time. He tries to build up trust with Kushana's soldiers, who admire him for being a commoner who rose through the ranks.

When Mito requests permission to search for Nausicaä after reaching the Acid Lakes, Kurotowa spies on the meeting and discoveres that Kushana believes the control stone to be in the hands of Nausicaä [5].

Once Kushana uncovered the plot to steal the stone, Kurotowa immediately offered to switch allegiances and work for her in earnest.


Kurotowa carries what appears to be a standard semi-automatic pistol.


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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions