The Master of the Crypt is the true main antagonist of Nausicaa, it is an ancient being made of ancient technology and it was tasked with purifying the earth. Its one and only goal is to recreate the earth before the Seven Days of Fire and bring back the ancient world by destroying the current world, however, Nausicaa and the Vai Emperor destroy The Master of Crypt, bringing peace at last.


Heartless, intelligent, and manipulative, the Master of the Crypt is shown to be a calculating manipulator, directly and indirectly responsible for almost all of the tragedies that occur within the series. It believes it is the ultimate good while Nausicaa is the ultimate evil, stating that it is hope while Nausicaa is despair. It is immensely arrogant believing that humanity cannot survive without it. It is shown to be heartless as it ruthlessly kills anyone who gets in its way.

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