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The Master of the Garden [1] is character from the comic series. He is a mysterious entity tasked with preserving the knowledge of the ancient world within an isolated and concealed area referred to as "the Garden", an idyllic place containing plants and animals long extinct in the outside world, and samples of literature, music, and advanced sciences.

The Master himself is an engineered life-form that can change appearance, including gender, to suit the guests that come to the Garden. He generally appears to be a burly person who wears his hair tied with two sidelocks.

He is shown to have high strength, as demonstrated when he easily lifts the two overweight Torumekia princes. He speaks both the Dorok and Eftal languages and also has the ability to communicate telepathically and exit his body with his spirit.

History Edit

The Master of the Garden is implied to have lived for over a thousand years, perhaps being created during the age of the Seven Days of Fire. He is the caretaker of the Garden as well as all the guests who come there. The Garden traps guests by making them forget their troubles and peacefully living out the rest of their lives as servants there. From time to time, a guest manages to escape, as in the case of the first Dorok Emperor and Nausicaä herself.

Nausicaä meets the Master of the Garden towards the end of the story while heading towards the Crypt of Shuwa. He cures Nausicaä of the radiation poisoning caused by Ohma and attempts to trap her in the Garden by challenging her actions and intentions. Selm telepathically comes to defend Nausicaä but the Master attacks him as well. He tells them how the Forest People found the pure, unpoisoned land at the end of the Sea of Corruption but spew blood and die when they try to go there. He reveals to both of them that the humans of their world cannot survive without the Sea of Corruption and that they are destined to go extinct.

Nausicaä realizes the truth that the Sea was genetically-engineered by the ancient people in order to cleanse their polluted world of toxins, and that all the plants and animals alive in their current world, including humans, were likewise engineered to survive with the Sea until its purpose is completed. Rather than despairing at this, Nausicaä's conviction grows and the Master permits her to leave the Garden.

References Edit

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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