The Mining Town [1] is along the Ocean of Salt, 200 leagues East Northeast of the Valley of the Wind.

The town is in Semo's territory and mines an old ceramic spaceship [2] for superhard ceramics. The Torumekian war with Dorok brought plenty of commerce to the town.

Master Yupa Miralda travels to this town [3] where he notices Worm Handlers spending Dorok Imperiums [4].

Mito, with the crew of the Valley Gunship and Barge, arrive at the mining town searching for Nausicaä [5]. There, they encounter the innkeeper that Yupa left Kui with trying to steal the Horseclaw but she is defended by the innkeeper's daughter [6].

Kui recognizes Mito and is shown to have laid an egg [7], a sure sign that Kai is dead.

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