Namulith [1] is the Dorok Emperor and elder brother of Miralupa.

Biography Edit

Namulith is the older brother of Mirapula, but lacked his brothers supernatural psychic abilities. To compensate, he used cloned bodies to achieve a long lifespan and is known for wearing a helmet that provided him with all-around vision.

Due to his superior abilities, Mirapula was long able to rule in Namulith's name. Namulith plots against his brother, however, and manages to kill him. He takes control of the Heedra and draws power from them, rather than from the Dorok theocracy, as his brother did.

He uses the Heedra to capture Kushana, whom he wants to marry to unite the Torumekians and the Doroks. They are at the edge of the mutant miasma spores and agrees to save them if she will marry him. Kushana reluctantly agrees, but tries to kill him afterwards.

After being hurt by the newborn God-Warrior, Namulith indicates to Kushana that he no longer posesses a human body, but a Heedra; having been converted by the scientists of the Crypt of Shuwa. This allows him to survive the tremendous injury inflicted by the infant God-Warrior, though at tremendous pain. His head was still functional and talking after Kushana ripped it off, and eventually fell off his monitor-ship.

References Edit

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