Nausicaä's Ride [1] occurred during the siege of Sapata, when Kushana lead a cavalry charge to destroy the Dorok Siege Guns.

Kushana blackmailed Nausicaä to join in the attack against the Doroks, with the promise of freeing all the Dorok civilian prisoners in Sapata [2].

During the fighting, Nausicaä broke from the cavalry charge when the Dorok forces regrouped and counter-attacked. She fired a Siren shell at the enemy and the sound spooked the Dorok Cavalry Mounts [3]

This gave Kushana's cavalry a chance to escape back to Sapata, but a contingent of them, with Kushana's permission, broke off and joined Nausicaä [4].

Charuka promises the Dorok cavalry "first-class battle honors" to the one who kills Nausicaä, who he only knows as "the blue clad one" [5].

Guarded by the heavily armored Torumekian cavalry, Nausicaä fights her way through the Dorok lines [6]. Each Torumekian cavalryman is killed, one by one, until only Nausicaä and her Horseclaw Kai remain. Kai is shot out from under Nausicaä[7] and Nausicaä is captured by Charuka and the Dorok Imperial Guards.

Kai suddenly kills several guards and makes a run for it, leaping over the surrounding Doroks and escaping [8]. Charuka is amazed, having thought that Kai was dead.

Back at Sapata, Kushana's cavalry troop make the safety of the walls [9] and her troops ask that the gates remain open for Nausicaä. Kushana permits them to hold the gates open for a half hour[10] and Nausicaä soon arrives. Barely inside the gates, Kai collapses and dies [11], shaking Nausicaä to her core. The Torumekian cavalry honor Kai as a "gallant warhorse" and Kushana orders Kai buried with full honors, not used as provisions [12].

The action proved to be a decisive victory for Kushana and the Third Army, succeeding in destroying all the Dorok Siege guns [13].

Additionally, the Dorok prisoners in Sapata were released [14], as Kushana had promised.

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