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Ohma [1] is a God Warrior that is found dormant under Pejitei.

It carries the most powerful weaponry: A laser-like blast that can destroy entire mountains, more focused beams that can be used to kill individual enemies. It can fly faster than the Valley Gunship, and gives off a "poisonous light (apparently similar to gamma radiation) that can cause sickness or death to anyone spending time in his presence.


While most God Warriors died during the Seven Days of Fire, Ohma seems to have survived. He lies dormant under Pejitei, before being discovered by its inhabitants. His discovery directly led to the Destruction of Pejitei by the Torumekians. During the Torumekian attack, Rastel carries Ohma's Control Stone away aboard the Pejitei Brig.

While Ohma is being carried by Dorok forces suspended under a Dorok Battleship[2], Mito spots the flotilla while searching for Nausicaä in the Valley Gunship. Mito fires on the sack he was being carried in, to prevent Ohma from being taken to Dorok [3]. He scores two direct hits but loses the Doroks in the clouds and is shot down by an Air Monitor [4]. The attack has no appreciable affect on him except where his hand was once open, now it is clenched [5].

Because Nausicaä is left with him when he is "born" he believes her to be his mother. This is verified to him when she gives him the Control Stone which is his controller. Nausicaä is unsure what to do, but ends up accepting her role and gives him the name Ohma, which is explained as meaning "Innocence" in the Eftal language[6].

At first it is childish and violent, taking great pleasure inflicting pain and death, loving most the incredible powers it has. It repeatedly seeks to destroy Nausicaä's enemies, but is frustrated when she says she has none. Eventually, his intelligence increases and he begins to speak of justice and how he was gifted with the power to judge mankind.

Nausicaä starts to realize that he, and all the other God Warriors were created to serve as gods over humans, settling international disputes, and preventing wars and famines, when civilization, in its final hours, was desperate for order.

He delivers the final blow to the Master of the Crypt before dying.


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