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Pejitei [1] was an industrial city in the Periphery. It became uninhabitable after an invasion by Torumekia.


The city's inhabitants made their living by digging up ancient engines and selling them. There is a mine shaft, which the Worm Handlers looting the city called the Pit, where they excavated deep down into the buried ruins of an ancient city to find engines [2].

Pejitei was old friends and allies with the Valley of the Wind.

Kurotowa laments that this fine city of peaceful artisans was destroyed and will probably never be rebuilt [3].

Prior to the start of the story, a live God Warrior was found in the Pit and Torumekian spies reported the find [4].Pejite was destroyed in a punitive expedition by Kushana's army [5] as Torumekia viewed it as a rebellious vassal in its refusal to give up the God Warrior to Torumekia.

After the attack, Lastelle, princess of Pejitei is taken as a hostage along with the God Warrior aboard a Torumekian brig but is killed when the brig crashes into the Valley of the Wind. Lastelle's brother is Asbel, the pilot of the Pejitei Gunship.


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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other edition