Pejitei [1] was an industrial city in the Periphery. It became uninhabitable after an invasion by Torumekia.

History[edit | edit source]

The city's inhabitants made their living by digging up ancient engines and selling them. There is a mine shaft, which the Worm Handlers looting the city called the Pit, where they excavated deep down into the buried ruins of an ancient city to find engines [2].

Pejitei was old friends and allies with the Valley of the Wind.

Kurotowa laments that this fine city of peaceful artisans was destroyed and will probably never be rebuilt [3].

Prior to the start of the story, a live God Warrior was found in the Pit and Torumekian spies reported the find [4].Pejite was destroyed in a punitive expedition by Kushana's army [5] as Torumekia viewed it as a rebellious vassal in its refusal to give up the God Warrior to Torumekia.

After the attack, Lastelle, princess of Pejitei is taken as a hostage along with the God Warrior aboard a Torumekian brig but is killed when the brig crashes into the Valley of the Wind. Lastelle's brother is Asbel, the pilot of the Pejitei Gunship.

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