The Periphery Campaign was the secondary front, aka the sidelines, during the Dorok Campaign of the Kingdom of Torumekia against the Dorok Principalities.

Because of her failure to secure the God Warrior's Control Stone, Kushana had been delegated the Periphery Campaign [1].

The plan was to invade Dorok through the Sea of Corruption with 300 Imperial Guard and the combined forces of the Periphery [2]. Kushana's officers believe this assignment is a plot hatched by the Three Princes to discredit Kushana and they urge her to attempt a coup. Kushana shrewdly rejects a coup realizing it is a set-up [3].

Kushana orders a rendezvous point near the Sea of Corruption [4]. The Periphery Forces join up and the rendezvous point turns out to be over an ancient city [5].

Rather than land, Kushana continues on mission, heading straight South to cross the Sea of Corruption [6] in order to prevent the Periphery Forces from rebelling and tie the gunships to their barges.

The Periphery Campaign ends in a Dorok trap in the Battle of the Acid Lakes [7]. The Torumekian and Periphery Forces are defeated but Kushana continues into Dorok with a much-reduced force, including Nausicaä.

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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