Rastel [1] is the princess of Pejite. She is the twin sister of Asbel.

Biography Edit

Rastel lives through the destruction of Pejite. She flees with the control stone for the God Warrior they unearthed, but unfortunately lands in the Sea of Corruption. Before she dies, she gives the control stone to Nausicaä.

Movie Edit

In the manga, her name is Rastel, however, in the anime, her name is Lastelle (which is phonetically the same in Japanese).

She is a beautiful young woman around Nausicaa's age. She has brown hair that goes a couple inches past her shoulders and brown eyes. She is seen wearing a long pink and yellow dress with a matching yellow hat, with jewels embedded in it and diamond earrings. She was a princess, but after her country was destroyed, she was reduced to a slave with her hands shackled. She then was moved to slave market by Tolmekian aircraft.

She is first seen in the Tolmekian aircraft before its crash. Nausicaä rushes through the flames to save her and breaks her chains with her sword. She then tells Nausicaä who she is and that she must destroy the aircraft's cargo. Nausicaä replies that it's burning and, reassured, Lastelle dies from her wounds.

Later, the name of Lastelle helps Nausicaä to convince her brother Asbel that she is not an enemy.

References Edit

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