During the Battle of the Acid Lakes, Nausicaä spots a Dorok Flying Jar carrying a wounded Ohmu larvae [1].

She manages to cause the Flying Jar to crash [2] onto a small island in the Acid Lakes and tries to save the Ohmu and is covered with the Ohmu's blue blood, staining the Dorok Dress blue [3].

She burns her foot in the lake trying to prevent the mortally wounded Ohmu from going to the other Ohmu [4]. She convinces the Ohmu to wait using a strong psychic yell and uses Mehve to rendezvous with the Torumekian Armored Corvette [5].

Nausicaä and Kushana talk about the Three Princes betraying the Periphery Campaign that resulted in Kushana's defeat at the Battle of the Acid Lakes [6] and Kushana agrees to help Nausicaä return the Ohmu larvae to the Ohmu.

Kurotowa lands the Armored Corvette on the island with Nausicaä's help reading the winds [7].

They load up the Ohmu larvae and escape, releasing the larvae [8].

The Holy One and Ketcha take a Dorok Flying Jar to investigate Nausicaä's psychic yell to the Ohmu [9] and goes to the battle site [10]. They witness the Ohmu lift Nausicaä up in fulfillment of the prophesy [11].

Nausicaä survives an insect attack because her clothes are dyed with Ohmu blood [12].

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