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There are multiple images of a variety of signal flags.

The first instance was when the Valley Gunship runs up several signal flags on a kite in their attempt to aid the Pejitei Brig shortly before it's crash [1].

One signal flag is a square flag, halved diagonally with black on top and white below, which seems to mean "follow," while the other is a striped pennant which seems to mean "we will guide you" [2].

The second instance was after the brief invasion of the Valley by the Torumekian Armored Corvette, the Valley Gunship escorted the Corvette out of the Valley and put up three signal flags.

The top-most flag was rectangular with a light stripe between two dark vertical stripes. The middle flag is a square flag, halved diagonally with white on top and black below. The third and bottom flag was a long white rectangular flag. This combination means "We pray for safe passage and success in battle" [3].

Kushana ordered a response of "Heartfelt prayers for the prosperity of your Valley " but no flags were shown [4].

The third instance was when the Periphery Forces joined together to rendezvous with Kushana's Torumekian forces for the Periphery Campaign.

At the rendezvous [5], the various gunships flew different signal flags.

The Valley Gunship displays two flags. The top flag was a black pennant with white Y shape. The second was a square flag quartered black and white, with black quarters top and bottom. This combination meant "I am Nausicaä, child of Jhil of the Valley of the Wind"

Another gunship displayed four flags. The top flag was a square flag diagonally split with black on top, white on bottom. The second flag was a rectangular black flag with two vertical white stripes. The third flag was a black triangle flag. The final flag was a white rectangle with speckles. This combination meant "Valley of the Wind...a toast to our reunion"

The last message has three flags. The top flag was a square white flag with black square outline and black square in center. The middle flag was a black pennant with white crescent moon and white dot. The bottom flag was a square white flag quartered with black cross. This combination meant "Welcome! Join the formation!"


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