Tepa is a young wind rider from the Valley of the Wind,

Although she is a minor character in the manga, she has good interactions with Nausicaä , and like many of the young in the Valley, regards Nausicaä with almost hero-worship.

She attempts to fill Nausicaä 's role back in the Valley after she leaves. She uses several lessons the Princess taught her to help out the inhabitants of the valley in her place.

Tepa learns to read the wind in the same way Nausicaa can when a crisis occurs after she 'opens her eyes' as Nausicaa told her to during one such lesson. However it seems that desire to emulate Nausicaa is not the only factor in the way she acts they share common qualities; namely bravery, kindness and the will to not give up and this allows Tepa to successully fill Nausicaa's role.

However the fact that a 'new windrider' has appeared to them in Tepa makes some of the Valley people afraid tht it is a omen that the 'old windrider' Nausicaa will never return.

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