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Teto is Nausicaä's pet fox-squirrel.[1] He was found and befriended by Nausicaä in the beginning of the story and becomes her animal companion.


Teto is small creature resembling a mix between a fox and a squirrel. He has bright green eyes and golden-yellow fur with brown stripes, as well as a thick mane. He has two large ears and a large bushy tail. He speaks by making squeaking sounds.


Teto was found by Nausicaä's mentor and Jihl's good friend Lord Yupa in the Sea of Corruption. He saw Royal Yanmas carrying him off and thought that it was a human child. Yupa killed the Yanmas to rescue Teto but caused the insects of the forest to become enraged. Nausicaä noticed this and guided Yupa out of the forest, where he was chased by an angered Ohmu. She was able to calm the Ohmu and rescued Yupa by using strobe grenades and her worm flute. Afterwards, she meets with Yupa, who shows her the fox squirrel he took in his pouch.

At first, Teto was wild and agitated. Nausicaä allowed Teto bite her on the finger as a sign of good faith. After doing so, he calms down completely and becomes friendly towards Nausicaä, surprising Lord Yupa as fox-squirrels usually don't take to people.

Teto becomes Nausicaä's animal companion and travels with her wherever she goes, usually perched on her shoulder or walking alongside her. In dangerous situations, Nausicaä lets Teto hide inside her suit.


In the manga, Teto plays a more significant role as Nausicaä's guardian. He often calls out to her when she is in trouble, especially when she is unconscious and being attacked psychically. He also snarls whenever a potentially dangerous stranger approaches her.

Right before spotting the Pejitei Brig, Nausicaä and Mito were flying in the Valley Gunship when she heard a psychic cry. She became so absorbed with the call that she forgot she was flying. Teto jumped on her face and broke the psychic connection [2], thereby saving her life.

Teto also helped find Nausicaa's backpack when both she and Asbel fell into the safe inner regions of the Sea of Corruption.

When Nausicaä travels with the God Warrior Ohma to the Crypt of Shuwa, she becomes sick due to the radiation emitted by Ohma's light. Teto is also affected as well, becoming more mangy and agitated. He doesn't allow anyone to get near Nausicaä when they try to heal her. Unfortunately, Teto dies from radiation poisoning after they continue to travel with Ohma. Nausicaä weeps for her pet and buries him under a tree.


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