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Torumekia is a large empire located to the east of the Sea of Corruption. Its capital city and the seat of the imperial throne is Tolas.

The successor principalities to the fallen Eftal empire, that is, the Periphery States, recognize the sovereignty of Torumekia, paying tribute and supplying military assistance in exchange for local autonomy as vassals of the Torumekian emperor per a long-held treaty.

Flag and Symbols[]

The Torumekian Flag has a light colored stylized wide "U" with a circle above and an inverted chevron under the U, all on a dark field [1].

Torumekian Symbology often involves snakes. The Torumekian Battle Standard consists of a two-headed snake looped to form a stylized W, the center of the W being a loop [2].

Kushana's Crown has a snake with two heads and a looped body [3]. Her Flag has two snakes intertwined in the shape of U^U [4] and her armor's bason has single headed undulating snake [5].

The Royal Crest [6] is a two-headed serpent, entwined and fighting. The Imperial Guard's Armor's Bason is a simple stylized U with ball in the U [7].

The Battle Flag of the Second Regiment of the Third Army [8] is a snake with two loops.


Main article: Priests of Torumekia

Torumekia has a priesthood situated in the city of Tolas. Much of their religion is unknown, but Valhalla probably exists for those who died gloriously in battle.



Torumekia wages a war against Dorok, and demands its vassals to join its invading force. This war changes Nausicaä's life forever.

Torumekia, like Periphery and Dorok, also suffering from effects of Sea of Corruption that resulted in population decline and land shortages. This would be their major reason behind their invasion of Dorok for land and captive population to plug in the labor force. The current ruler is the Vai Emperor who had three children. His step-daughter Kushana is the child of the previous Emperor.


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