The Third Army [1] is the Torumekian army trained by Kushana. She "forged them into the Empire's finest." They have deep loyalty to Kushana.

Kushana's plan [2] was to bring the Third Army back to the capital and seize the crown.

The Fate of the Third Army [3] lead to it's near destruction. The Third Army was ordered by the Three Princes to cover the Torumekian army withdrawal after the Doroks used Weaponized Miasma and counter attacked. Each regiment held one captured Dorok stronghold with no air support or heavy weapons.


The First Regiment held Sapata, surrounded by Dorok forces. Kushana arrived and took over command. She lead the last major cavalry charge of the war [4] before escaping the siege.

The Second Regiment [5], comprised of armored calvary, was besieged in a nameless Dorok city. The Doroks breached the walls and fighting was fierce. The Armored Corvette encountered the Regiment while fleeing pursuing Dorok Air Monitors and witnessed the last stand. The Dorok Air Monitors helped Dorok ground forces retake the city and destroy the Second Regiment

The Third Regiment [6] were mostly wiped out in an unknown Dorok city.

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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