An unnamed Torumekian general [1] is in charge of the captured Dorok City-Fortress of Sapata during the Dorok Campaign. He is a vocal supporter of the Three Princes.

Besieged by vengeful Dorok and cut-off from the other friendly forces, he orders the remnants of the Torumekian Third Army to die to the last man while he intends to make his escape in his Torumekian Armored Corvette.

The general is prevented from leaving Sapata by the crash-landing of Kushana's Corvette during shelling by Dorok Siege Guns [2].

The general orders his men to arrest Kushana [3] after she exposes his attempt to escape with treasure stolen from Sapata but they side with Kushana. Kurotowa and some of Kushana's men seize the general's Corvette loaded with the treasure.

With Kushana in control of the Third Army at Sapata, she doesn't strip the rebellious general of his position but tells him that she expects him to act like a professional soldier and do his duty[4].


The general is short and fat, with a bald head and large mustache. He wears full armor, similar to the armor worn by the Imperial Guard of the Vai Emperor, with a cloak.

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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