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The Valley of the Wind [1] is a small country in the Periphery with a population of about 500.

It is located on the edge of the Sea of Corruption, but the constant clean wind from the Ocean of Salt protects the Valley from miasma and spores, thus keeping the Sea of Corruption from creeping into the Valley.

Therefore, the wind is worshipped by people of the valley, and the most important duty for the chieftain is to read and utilize the wind to protect the Valley.

The Valley is recognized as a vassal by Torumekia, paying tribute and supplying troops in exchange for local autonomy. In return, it has to join the Torumekian forces if Torumekia goes to war.

The Valley grows a variety of crops, including grains [2] and grapes [3]. They use some form of oxen as beasts of burden [4].

It also has multiple windmills [5] that power irrigation and other systems. They generate this power using the wind that blows from the Inner Sea.


The people of the Valley of the Wind seem to worship the wind [6] and they perform war chants praising it.

Etiquette for Landing[]

Because of the closeness of the Valley of the Wind to the Sea of Corruption, it is proper etiquette for foreign ships to land outside the Valley to avoid spreading spores, to give Valley dwellers the opportunity to kill any spores that they may have [7]. The Torumekian Armored Corvette violated that politeness.


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