The Valley of the Wind Castle [1] is the home of King Jhil and Nausicaä.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The castle is a large structure, shaped like a bulbus fin. It appears to have at least six stories [2]. There are two short runways exiting in front of and behind the aircraft hangers. It contains a great hall which can hold many people. King Jhil lives towards the top of the Castle [3].

All the rooms in the castle are somewhat rounded in shape including the Great Hall, the Hangars and King Jhil's Private Room, with a flat floor and curved walls up to a dome at the top of the room [4]. Doorways are arched and sometimes thick. The walls of the castle are presumably made from ceramics, a very common material that would give them a smooth appearance. The smoothness could also be the result of a paint or stucco covering.

Open fire pits with exhaust holes in the ceiling above are common and lghting seems to be some variation of gas lamp [5]. The Wise Women of the Castle have an open fire pit as well [6].The aircraft hanger is large, with room for the Valley Gunship as well as several forges and other machines [7]. The cellars of the castle are in the foundation. There are multiple junked gunships down there, presumably used for spare parts as well as Nausicaä's garden lab [8].

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